Saturday, 24 December 2011

Thursday saw a relative failure as a run, neither enjoyable nor within goal HR range. Dropped my daughter off at a group workshop for kids who have siblings with special needs and then went for a run before going back to pick her up.  Started OK, but then I deviated from the planned route.  I'd thought about trying a particular track I'd not been on before, well marked on the map, but then I decided to go a bit further but on the roads inbstead.  As I passed the entrance to the footpath, I went about a hundred yards further on and then turned back.  Big mistake.  The path should have followed the line of a railway track and then past a lake, but within about a quarter mile it had become completely overgrown, niot maintained at all. 

I carried on hoping it would get better but it didn't, and I was reduced to walking pace threading myself through the brush.  I could have used a machete at that point.  The path then completely disappeared and I found myself all snagged up on brambles, both feet holding thorny things down, one arm snagged, laeing backwards trying to free myself.  I eventually managed it to find that I now needed to cross the railway line to make any chance of progress.  I went over into a field and ran along the edges of that hoping it wasn't private and with my HR now a good 10BPM above the target limit. By that time the damage was done, I was miffed, HR was too high and wouldn't come down and I was wishing I'd stuck to the plan.

On getting home I looked at the map and decided I'd followed the right route after all, but I won't be trying that path again for a while.  In fact I may write a letter to the local council as I'm finding that loads of marked paths are not being maintained.

All in all just under 6 miles in the trail gloves on mixed terrain.

At least I got out and did something.

And the mince pies and shortbread the kids had cooked were pretty good.

Then yesterday, just a very short run in an out of town to pick up a few last minute things for the holidays.  Not perfect, but OK, and it's another 6 miles in the bank.  Off to my brother-in-laws today (Christmas Eve) back home again on boxing day.  I'm not even going to pack any running gear as I'm under no illusion that I'll run.  I'll be filling my usual role as chief barman and executive chef, which is fine with me as the training has been good this year and three days off is not going to make any difference overall when you look at it in reality.

Daley Thompson I am not

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