Sunday, 10 March 2013

Start of the Rematch

Today's run 2hrs/20.8km, the start of me vs Grim Reaper round 2. Only problem is I think the reaper's ahead at the moment.

What went well
1) no blisters - toes taped, injinji socks.
2) longest run in a while and I finished it
3) no bonk..., steady pace throughout, legs OK, ITB OK, still OK on Sunday morning when I post this

Not so well
1) HR way too high, at least 10bpm higher than it should be. Either lingering effects of my recent flu or see 2 below
2) head clearly not in this yet, a bit concerning since I've already paid my £65. If I ran it tomorrow I'd be likely to do 20 miles and say "f@ck it" and DNF.
3) Still running the long runs too fast - I don't even need to be at 5:30-5:45/km for these, 7:43/km overall was enough for third last year.

What to work on
1) change the head
2) Buy more Injinjis
3) learn to run slower.

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