Sunday, 8 January 2012

Today, I'm a proud daddy

Today, Serena rode her bike unaided for the first time, making me a very proud daddy indeed. 

She's been slowly progressing towards the idea over the last few months, but has finally decided that it's worth it and that it could be fun.  Last summer I took her stabilisers off and refused to put them back on.  I also took the pedals off to let her hobby horse the bike along and get used to getting her balance right.  She's been going progressively further that way and has got used to going downhills and using the brakes, but it's only been in the last three or four weeks that she's really been wanting to actually ride the bike.  The pedals went back on before Christmas and she's been trying to used them properly.  Today we walked into the village and on the way back, we stopped at the recreation ground. 

She rode her bike on her own (with a little push start) about half a dozen times, taking a few spills but picking herself up and carrying on.   It won't be long before she's ready to take a ride into town with me.  No photos this tiem, but I'll try to plan ahead a little more in future.

She's right on the limit now of the bike she has, and I think a contributor to the recent enthusiasm has been the suggestion of a new bike if she can show me that she can ride one properly.

For me, another session on the rower this evening.  For the second time though, I've been able to meet the heart rate target.  Surely twice in a row can't be a fluke?  Still nothing remarkable, but I'm looking for long term improvement, not a quick fix.

And the detail
1) 8:54.4 / 2:13.6 / 21 / A126 / M137 
2) 8:54.9 / 2:13.7 / 21 / A135 / M139 
3) 8:55.6 / 2:13.9 / 21 / A138 / M142
4) 8:54.9 / 2:13.7 / 22 / A144 / M147 
5) 8:53.0 / 2:13.2 / 22 / A145 / M147 
Tot) 44:32.7 / 2:13.6 / 21 / A137 / M147

This is the first time that I've not exceeded the HR cap on the erg, and it's almost the fastest I've gone since I've started this HR limited training so it's suggesting that it's starting to have an effect.  Only time will tell.

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