Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Reset, Rename, Relaunch

Back in July 2011 when I started this blog, it had a purpose, and that was to show how it was possible to go from being a lifetime heelstriker to an efficient minimalist and barefoot runner and improve my running in the process.  I think I managed to do that, and the transition is done and there for all to see.  I’ve gone from running 150 miles in 2010 and being continually injured, to 650 miles in 2011 and my first half marathon (placing 14th), just under 100 miles in 2012 and 650 to the beginning of August 2013.

Lately both me and the blog have been languishing a bit, so time to do something about that.

The new mission statement for this blog is therefore
1) demonstrating that life does not stop with a type 1 diagnosis
2) demonstrating the benefits of exercise for a type 1 diabetic
3) The practicalities of how to go about it, managing training and diet based on my experiment of one
4) report back on my training progress and the occasional race I manage to compete in

I’ve also been rethinking my overall plan and strategy for the rest of 2013 and the targets I want to hit.

Number 1 – Must be to recover from the injury that took me out of Grim and to work to prevent it recurring.

Number 2 – Get back out on the bike
I’ve been neglecting two wheels for the running.  I’d like to be getting back to at least one good bike session a week of 2-3 hours if I’m home for the weekend.

Number 3 – Increase the resistance work
Upper body strength in particular has dropped off since I stopped rowing so much and I also have a notion that it will help me both reduce likelihood of injury, but also improve my insulin management by building more lean mass.  The target is therefore 1 yoga session and 1 weights or bodyweight session a week

Number 4 – target 5 sessions a week

Number 5 – Fill in with running
Keep throwing the running shoes in the suitcase to take with me and pick up the pace a bit when I do, with one tempo or interval session a week as a minimum

Number 6 – Good blood sugar management
Working out the right insulin dosage – for me. Continually re-evaluating my nutritional and hydration needs, particularly trying to get my carbs as clean and natural as I can.  I don’t think I will ever get away from carbs as a diabetic athlete, but they shouldn’t be of poor quality.  A bit of research will be needed here

And getting more specific
  • 10k PB at Ely Runners New Year's Eve Race aiming for sub-42 minutes
  • 5k PB before the end of the year
  • Find a 30-40 mile spring ultra, May, June, July
That’s all working in my mind into a weekly schedule looking something like
  • Sunday - Endurance session - long run or ride
  • Monday – rest or easy day – usually a travel day
  • Tuesday – Club time trial or speed running session
  • Wednesday – HR capped steady day, run or ride/turbo
  • Thursday – Yoga (maybe body weight circuits)
  • Friday – easy day or rest – travel again
  • Saturday – Strength/weights
Of course, that’s just a starting point and will change in response to events, work, holidays etc. As one famous general once said “no plan survives contact with the enemy”, so let’s see what happens when we have the first engagement.  

As for the name, I’ve come down in favour of “Adventures of an Athletic Diabetic” athlete first, diabetic second.

Other suggestions offered were
  • Sweet Feet - Suggests Running only, and I do more than that
  • Becoming Number 1 - doesn't shout Diabetes to me
  • Insulin Athlete
  • Insulin Infused
  • Who needs a pancreas anyway - quite like this one
  • pumping insulin - I'm not on a pump yet, but could be in the future
  • I did it my way - I do like Frank Sinatra
I'm also open to any other suggestions or variations on a theme, but it needs to be relevant to both the diabetes and athletic aspirations.

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