Monday, 24 February 2014

A bit of a change in the wind

So, how easy is it going to be to keep up 500 words a week?  I’m hoping not too hard at all, and having run off an example 500-word short story for my daughter last week just to prove a point, in about half an hour.  That was pure nonsense, hopefully this will make a bit more sense. 

Since last weekend it’s been a bit up and downy to be honest with a currently stressful period at work and some less than favourable happenings in my athletic world.  But before I get into that, what a cracking winter Olympic games we’ve just had. Unsurprisingly I’ve never been one for the glitz and glamour of the alpine events, or the figure skating; for me it’s always been the grit and the grind of the skeleton bob, the ice hockey and the Nordic events.  The cross country for me has really been the star of the show from the sprints to the 50km to the biathlon and the Nordic combined.  I’ve been on the edge of my seat and cursing my luck to be born in a damp, tepid climate.
Personally, I’ve had a reasonably productive, but tiring week, and for the first time managed to actually hit my designated average target for running.  I’m trying to hit 1000miles again this year, average 20 miles a week, but with no real goal at the moment, it’s slow and steady.  I know it will take off later in the year, in fact as soon as March when I start adding in the long runs and the speedwork.  I actually managed 23 miles (37km) this week plus an hour of particularly knackering yoga and an ad-hoc very windy outing on the mountain bike for an eye screening appointment.  In fact given second thoughts I’d have driven. 
Total for this week 4hr 41.
Sunday was not quite so much fun, having the intent to get out on the bike with the club, I’d implemented a fairly vigorous dose reduction, but then the weather turned nasty between breakfast and setting out time.  Now I don’t mind a little adverse weather, but my main aim on the bike is to enjoy it, and I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed Sunday.  So what to do now?  The answer is an hour and a half of VR video on the turbo. 
BG at the start 12.3 (dose reduction remember)
At 40 mintutes after the hardest part of the session – 4.4 – banana time
80 minutes – 10.7?
90 minutes – 12.3?

Not sure if I’d got some banana on my fingers, but after a shower and 30 mins later it was back down to 4.3, a quick fig roll in order then.
The rest of the day was a bit up and down to be honest, both on the blood sugar and other levels, leading to a decision to focus more on the running again this year, with the bike being a cross training and enjoyment based tool.  I’ve been a member of my local bike club for a few years now, and raced over the summer at time trials and a few Sunday club runs.  I’m not really a club person to be honest and lately, it’s been generating a few cliques, a sure sign to me to get out and get back to why I took the bike up again – fun.  Everything has it’s natural span and this was it.

That makes 569 words with hardly a mention of blood sugar so far.  That’s not been too bad either, just a coupel of out of range highs and one hypo not related to exercise.  Jerusalem artichokes, bloody tasty, but it seems that the carb content is not yet agreed on.  Foolishly I went away from what had worked in the past and dosed according to a nutritional analysis from a website.  Result 75 mins later, 3.4.

Oh well, still learning.

See you next week

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