Monday, 26 February 2018

Cruzbike 2 - The Frame

Should be simples right? Even a merekat could do it right?

Robert of Cruzbike does it in a 5 minute video, how hard can it be?

Not really that hard, but it depends, is the answer. 

Having assembled an M5 about two years ago with zero instructions, I though I was reasonably well prepared.  What was missing in that case however was a need to assemble the headset bearings as well, a new one on me.   Looked pretty simple as per Robert's instructions. 
Grease - check
Bearings - check
Boom swivel - check
Fork - check
Spacers - check

Hmm, not quite right, still seems to wobble up and down. Tighten the top cap, no joy.  Turn a few things by 180 deg, still no joy, but a bit of steerer appears at the top.

Scratch head, scratch beard, scratch @r$e.

Hmm what about that other spacer?  I had 4 spaces of the same diameter and one narrow spacer of a slightly different diameter.  Have another go, slightly bigger spacer on top.  Result - twisty, but not wobbly. 😎

Boom, Slider, rest of front triangle - spot the error

At this point I realised 1) derailleur post backwards and 2) front clamps are directional.  Screw ups on both of these resulted in a bit of a nick of paint off of the nice shiny front legs  - a bit of black touch up paint on that and a weld, no probs.

Main frame assembled

You notice the headrest
1) not fully inserted (nicked rubber as not an easy insertion) and
2) issues with clamp block - spacing of blocks not matching spacing of screw holes in frameset - but easily solved.

Next - component removal from donor and clean up, compare frame weights,
next, next - start reassembly

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