Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Too much happening

Right, first, can’t believe it’s 6 weeks or more since my last post. 

Mitigating circumstances-

  1. I got back from my holiday and did an audax, only 100km, but I rode there and back as well, for another 160km/100mile day - legs felt it for weeks after all that.  Still putting in regular 50-75km rides, and averaging 110km a week
  2. Running – I’ve started again – targeting the Islay Half next year – I’m up to a 12km long run so far – that was my target for December, so ahead of schedule on that.
  3. Work = hectic as usual, off to Saudi Arabia for 2 weeks next week, just got back from Norway etc
  4. Personal stuff, exploring various options, job and life
  5. Health – mostly good, new insulin pump due, decided to stick with the same model

That’s all folks,

Back soon, I hope

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