Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Fightback Starts Now

30th October 2018 – SMIDSY (Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You) – t-boned on a roundabout, from the left
Result – bike damage, clothing damage, me damage – soft tissue, whiplash, fractured pelvis 
Prognosis – 6-8 week recovery i.e. Christmas 2018

Bike – Saturday 12th January – 100km Audax, Kelvedon Oyster (might be on the upright)
Running – Islay Half Marathon, first Saturday in August – I’d started building my long run intending to start my 10 week training plan on 27th May
Five months to get back up to 8mile/13km long run.

Progress so far
Walking – weekdays apart from swimming days – started out at 1.8km in about 30 mins
Now up to 3.2 km in about 40 mins, so still slow.
Weekends – up to about 4km when walking around town for grocery shopping, not timed Walking with the aid of a stick, but noticeably less weight on it this morning

Swimming – aiming for twice a week, with membership at the local pool as an encouragement.
So far three sessions of 400m, 600m and Tuesday this week at 800m
Physio is also helping on the soft tissue and whiplash side of things, as are painkillers (strong ones)

It’s a start
It will get better
The lawyers have been engaged

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