Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Dawn of a New Error?

So, here goes, the start of my new blog.  Everyone else seems ot have one, so why not join in the greater blogosphere.  I'm going to warn you though, that just because it's here doesn't mean it will be any good, or that it's going to be free of typos, spelling mistakes or opinions you don't agree with.

Watch out for adn, teh, fro and tehm, you'll see plenty.

So, what's it all about, why? I hear you shout.

Back in March 2011, after having spent around 4 months suffering to varying degrees from hipflexor and ITB problems, I came across the idea of barefoot running and minimalist shoes, and my running career was reborn.  This also coincided with a complete dive in my indoor rowing career and a severe wobble in my bike career, but I regained a love of running for no other reason than running itself.  I'll publish that story at some point, when I get round to it, but now is not the time.

This is going to be a mix of stories about my training trials and tribulations, my travels around the world with my work and anything else I can think of and get away with.

Some of it will be barefoot, some of it won't.  Some will be voluntary, some won't like yesterday when my wife forgot to bring my shoes into town for me when she met me after I'd run there.  Ely on market day is a dangerous place for bare feet.  Far too many old people with walking sticks and invalid carriages with poor steering.

Right, that's it for now, just a taster to draw you in and hook you, plenty of promise, but let's wait and see what you get.  Plus, it's time for my long run now.  Today's prescription, ten miles - back later to report on it

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