Monday, 31 October 2011

Gently Does it, Recovery

This weekend I had grand ambitions to get out on the bike for a decent ride.  A combination of actors have been conspiring against me in recent weeks and I've been limited to turbo trainer sessions for most of the month, but I have managed to get a decent number of running miles in. 

Last week, I was hit by a cold, which started on Monday as a sore throat and by Friday had developed into a full-blown lurgy with a hacking cough, sneezing and thick, green snot.  For once, I took the advice that I always offer, but never heed and took it easy.  That meant nothing all week, and only two, deliberately easy sessions on the turbo at the weekend.

Both sessions were planned to be at 200W on the turbo, which I stuck to.  First one with African Queen playing on the laptop, the second with Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, screening the latter for suitability for my daughter (not yet!)

Sat - RHR 58 - that shows the cold still affecting me as that's about 10bpm higher than usual.
Tacx  688 cals / A 200W / M 210W
Garmin 630 cal / 19.69mi / 95rpm / A137 / M147

Tacx 687 cal / A200W / M 210W
Garmin 636 cal / 19.4mi /94rpm / A137 / M148

Both nice steady sessions, ideal to keep things ticking over whilst I rid myself of the cold.  Garmin mileage is of course absolutely meaningless in this context.  It's HR and watage that counts.

Up to Aberdeen again this evening.  This time with a lightning trip to Flotta in the Orkney's on Tues/Weds then in Aberdeen for a couple of days. The Flotta trip was sprung on me last week as a stand in for someone else so I was up to my eyeballs getting stuff done in prep for the trip and amongst all the activity, forgot my HR strap.  A bit of  Homer Simpson moment considering 1) I have an elevated RHR and 2) I'm supposed to be following an HR limited regime at the moment.


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