Friday, 28 October 2011

Sometimes it's better to just do nothing

Apart from that encouraging MAF Test on Sundsy, I've done nothing this week in terms of exercise.  Other than exercise, I've been pretty much run off my feet. 

I left the house for Aberdeen just before 6Am on Monday to spend three days with one client and one day with another.  This also included a trip up to a gas terminal, where the Nort Sea gas pipelines land and the gas is processed before going into the National Grid to get sent to everyone's homes.  One of the cool things about my job is that I get to see part of the country and vital infrastructure that people just don't routinely think about.   

So what's exciting about a gas plant?  Not a lot in itself, but when you think about where these things are, and what else happens there, it gets interesting.  This particular site is in the North East of Scotland, right on the beach.  The area is absolutely beautiful on a good day.  Last time I was there in May, they had rare birds nesting on the site and it was bright sunshine.  This time it was a howling gale with winds of 40mph and higher.  Not the best weather for climbing 30m high gantries.

As well as the job in hand, it seemed that this week, every man and his dog also wanted a part of me to either plan upcoming assessments and jobs or to revise and re-issue reports, or to book things, or send things, or discuss things...

And then I started going down with a cold as well.  Sore throat all week, then snottines.

For some reason I was uncharacteristically sensible when it came to training this time and decided not to train with a cold.  Hopefully by this weekend I'll be sufficiently recovered to either get out on the bike or a couple of hours light spinning on the turbo trainer

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