Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Watch This Space

No pun intended there, but an accidental double tagging.

Having gotten fed up of my Garmin 310XT losing its memory, I decided enough was enough, flogged it on flea bay and bought myself the new 920XT instead.  This watch really is the dogs-danglies, taking all the concepts that were introduced in the 310XT, adding a load of new stuff from the Fenix range and ending up with an even better package overall.

Battery life is much better, with a variable tracking option, built in run walk, does swim, bike, run (I’ve tried all three so far) and gym.  Only thing that’s a retrograde step is removing the interaction with gym equipment, but you can’t have everything. The GPS connects much better than the 310XT, even when amongst buildings in Aberdeen.  It’s also a functional, if a bit chunky watch with a very strident alarm.  One of the best things is that unlike the 310XT, you can upload the resulting .FIT files directly to Garmin Connect via the USB charge cradle. Photos will follow once I’ve played with it a bot more.

So far I’ve used it on several runs, including the Bob Graham recce where the altimeter proved to be pretty accurate, and on several bike rides.  Even used it in the pool where it correctly picked up my stroke rate.  And most important, it’s nice to me – at the moment it’s telling me that my VO2max is at the top of the scale, above the 95th centile for someone 20 years younger than me.

The other part of watch this space is the growing trepidation as this year’s silliness arrives quickly – the Riover Ayr Way race, on 19th Sept.  Last long run tomorrow, using the predesigned run/walk feature on the Garmin.  I’ll plan it as 25min run/5 min walk, normally something I try and do to conserve energy through the race and to stop myself going off too hard with the adrenaline at the start.  Planning my drop-bag strategy as well for the 10-mile-ish aid stations that have food as well as water. Not planning on carrying much, some just in case and then concentrated electrolytes.

Pack list is being jotted down as well on my desk pad as things come to mind.  Along with nutritional needs etc.

The third and final part of watch this space?  I’m trying to build myself a website.  I’m getting so many questions and requests for advice on managing diabetes as an athlete that I don’t have time to answer them alongside the day job, which now that I’m on the leadership development plan will only get busier. So, a website, all about me, managing diabetes, a few nice piccies, recipes, link to my blog, a chance to ask me more questions etc.  Pretty basic and will be self-built, but it’s a start.

So, to the final bit of this episode, last long run before the RAW, strictly controlled as 25min run/5 min walk using the function on the Garmin 920XT.  Overall worked very well, 80% off road on the lanes and bridleways around me, flat mainly of course, but then RAW is overall downhill losing about 250m in the 40 miles or so.   

One thing I did find, which is of course relevant for the BGR later is that my calves reacted more to the walking than the running, particularly the outside of the shins – more massage needed there I think.  Overall though 34.5km, no issues at all, legs feel absolutely fine with no discomfort at all on the Monday or Tuesday following.  Pace stayed pretty much the same all through and if sustainable could see me putting in a decent time. The strict run/walk tends to stop me going off too hard and then blowing up later in the race.  All comes down to rest times and pace drop off in the last 10-15 miles.  Touch wood, I’m not carrying any injuries this year, unlike the last two years.

Stats for the run
Total 34.8km / 3h 23:39 / 5:51 pace / AHR 146 /MHR 160

BG in good control all round, with approx. 100g on the run, 30 g before and 20g straight after, so sticking around the 30-40g/hr that I seem to get by with.

Splits / Time / Cumulative Time / Distance / Avg Pace / Avg HR / Max HR
1 / 27:49 / 27:49 / 5.00 / 5:34 / 143 /157
2 / 32:05 / 59:55 / 5.00 / 6:25 / 147 / 160
3 / 28:06 / 1:28:01 / 5.00 / 5:37 / 146 / 154
4 / 29:09 / 1:57:09 / 5.00 / 5:50 / 146 / 155
5 / 29:46 / 2:26:55 / 5.00 / 5:57 / 146 / 153
6 / 28:06 / 2:55:01 / 5.00 / 5:37 / 147 / 154
7 / 28:38 / 3:23:39 / 4.80 / 5:58 / 143 / 154

Summary 3:23:39 / 34.80 / 5:51 / 146 / 160


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